Welcome To Swallows Nest

Swallows Nest is a small non-profit foster care home devoted to assisting orphaned and abandoned special needs children. Our foster care homes are located in Zhengzhou, Henan Province.


We work with the state registered government orphanages in order to provide the best care for abandoned children.


We currently have two homes for infants and toddlers. Our goal is to provide the needed medical treatment and nutritional supplements for these children until they find their forever families through adoption.  

Swallow's Nest Adoptions    88     

We are grateful to the orphanages in Henan Province for allowing us the opportunity to work together with them to provide for these children. 


We are NOT affiliated with any adoption agency nor do we have any control over which agency places our children or the family who adopts the children. The CCCWA, a government agency in China, controls all adoption matters.

Swallows Nest Foster Care Homes for Orphans
in Henan Province, China 

Henan Gong Cheng Xue Yuan, 62 Tong Bai Lu
Zhengzhou, Henan PRC 450007
Email:    swallowsnestzz@aol.com   

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