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Yummy KFC  

Bi Qing (Max) enjoys KFC even in his PJ's. He was adopted last week and on his way to USA. He'll be right at home with corn on the cob and friend chicken.


Anna Returns to get little brother  

What a great reunion between our retired nannie, Angela and Anna, who was adopted several years ago. The Allen Family returned to adopt Xiao Fu. The little girl on the far left will leave in several weeks.  


Yum!!!! Yum!!!!!  

This little guy sure is enjoying his new home. He helped his parents pack 13,000 ears of corn this summer!!!


Summer Fun  

Love seeing our former Swallows having fun on vacation. This little girl ws our youngest adoption. She was only 11 months old on "gotcha day". She's having fun with family, this is our hope for all our kids.  


Local Adoption  

This little guy was adopted by a local chinese family. He's giving Heather, one last hug. Hope his new family returns to visit, so we can see him again. Also, so he will remember how loved he was in the beginning of his life. 


Technical Difficulties!!!  

Technical difficulty is my issue today. Some of you may have gotten the newsletter twice, some not at all. Please know we appreciate your continued support and hopefully. I can send the newsletter from the local library later today. My computer is having issues. 

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