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Happy Holidays from Swallow's Nest  

These children have changed many lives as
our caregivers, volunteers, and interns sacrifice
to meet their daily needs. We wish you all a
blessed holiday season. May all your wishes
come true as we work together to make the
world a better place for all.  


Revamping the Sponsorship Program  

Operating costs for all our children
is between 5300 and 6000 per month
depending on how many kids are
admitted to the hospital or visit the dr.
We have 25 children. Doing the math,
we need 5 sponsors per child. Some
of our children haven't had sponsors
and our general fund has taken care of
this need. Friends of Swallow's Nest
have fund raisers for us throughout the
year and this helps us care for the
children without sponsors. Since Heather
& Harmony are doing such a great  job in
China, I will concentrate more on the
sponsorship program. We appreciate all
everyone does to help us do more in Henan.  


Korean Helpers  

Many thanks to our Korean friends for the new
sponge floor padding at the toddler house. This
helps the babies have a warmer place to play.


Atlanta Reunion  

Clay met with some of the adopting families living in the ATL area this weekend. A great reunion and meeting some new friends as well. When you can see the fruit of your labor its a wonderful thing to behold. This is little Lynn Marie (Chun Ai) from the orphanage in Xin Xiang. I got her on my mother's birthday. She had the worst clubbed feet the doctor's had ever seen. Now she's in a loving home, running, playing and living a fun-filled childhood. 


Olive Branch Helpers  

Many thanks to the Senior Sunday School class of Olive Branch Disciple of Christ Church in Norge, Va. They helped provide braces for the two babies pictured. You can discover more about Olive Branch here http://www.ob-cc.org Only several members of the class are pictured. This group has about 20 in attendance each week. We appreciate their love for the orphans of Henan.


Welcome to Heather  

Welcome to Heather Wilson, our new director at Swallows' Nest. She has agreed to fill in for us for the next year and even teach at our school. We appreciate her servant's heart as she cares for the orphans of Henan.

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