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Sweet Whispers  

Our new director, Valeria Stella-Papis whispers sweet words of comfort to our oldest child at Swallow's Nest. We can call ourselves "International" as Vale is from Italy. She also teaches at Henan Institute of Engineering. We share and appreciate her love for the children.  


Au Pairs  

Swallow's Nest could not function without our aupair program. Many thanks to these girls and their service to the orphans of Henan. 


Girl Scouts  

High Springs group 152 raised over 1000 dollars for our babies and made blankets as well. Many thanks to their troop and the leaders who helped. Without everyone working together, Swallow's Nest would never be a safe haven for these little ones. You do make a difference.


Meet Valeria  

Meet Valeria, who volunteered at Swallow's Nest last year. This year she will return as our new interim director. She will arrive in late July from her home country of Italy, in order to be trained my Heather. We appreciate Heather and her faithfulness for the past three years. We appreciate you for making Swallow's Nest possible  by your faithful giving.


Long Noodles, Long Life!!!  

Ms. Zhao is a great cook and enjoys making the long noodles for our children.


Let It Snow!!!  

This little guy is having a winter blast ice skating in his home. 

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