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Children needing sponsors  


You can co-sponsor a child for $25 USD or more per month.

 To inquire about sponsoring a child?

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Each child needs 5 sponsors at $50 per month. This provides the child with immunizations, medical check-ups, food and clothing. Simply go to the donate page for easy on line payments.  Thanks for helping us do more. Be sure to include an email address, so we can send you a regular news update on your child's progress.


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Swallows Nest Foster Care Homes for Orphans

in Henan Province, China 

Henan Gong Cheng Xue Yuan, 62 Tong Bai Lu

Zhengzhou, Henan PRC 450007

Email:    swallowsnestzz@aol.com   

Website: http://www.swallowsnestzz.org 


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