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Rebekah Arrives, Heather Leaves!!!  

Heather, (Clay pointing) volunteered for two weeks. She lives in China and used her winter break to assist us. Many thanks to Heather!!!!!


As Heather was leaving Rebekah (pink shirt) from Huntsville, AL was arriving. Rebekah will assist us for several months, teaching English to the older kids and filling in until we get some more aupairs.


Several other in China volunteers, who assist us are pictured.....one couple I haven't met yet, plus Harmony (middle). Many thanks to all of you for assisting Clay.


More Opportunities!!!  


The beginning of the new year presents more opportunities for all of us. As I am still in USA, I am speaking to various groups rising awareness of our work in China.


Pictured here, a group of girls from a local Fellowship at Crosswalk in Williamsburg, Va. They learned to speak a little chinese, write a little chinese and dress a little chinese.


Serious hearted girls!!!  

Lately, we've had one little girl say she didn't want birthday presents, just give some money for the kids at Swallow's Nest. Her parents sent us over 200 dollars. Two other girls put their heads together, sold a few things, did chores, sold stuff and sent us over 60 dollars. These girls were all under 12 years old. Many thanks for their effort and their serious heart.




Two weeks in USA and we are finally over jet lag. We are enjoying family and friends and baking. It's amazing how cooking American style is coming back to me. I'm able to teach Xiao Qing many things I couldn't teach her in China. We know this stay in USA is for a season. We appreciate everyone remembering my dad as he improves after his recent hospitalization. We miss our babies and are grateful for those in China who we trust to manage Swallow's Nest while I am away.  

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