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Many of our faithful friends have followed this little girl (in the middle) since she first came to Swallow's Nest several years ago. Everyone was thrilled to hear about her adoption last spring. Now, she will be undergoing surgery. This note from her mom:


She has her first operation on November 1. They will raise her left eye so it is the same level as her right :? We take her to Vanderbilt University Children's hospital for her pre-op appointments on Monday. She will have an 8 - 12 hour surgery on Tuesday. This should help her vision and then they will do another operation 6 months, from now, to take some of the hardened scar tissue away from her face, give her a more normal lip, and a straight nose! Please remember her in prayer :)"



Today we said good-bye to the Big Kid House at You Ai Lu (Friendship Love Road). Many babies were saved there, but some also passed away. I took about 5 minutes to myself and thanked the Father.


It was our first home. It was humble, but it served the purpose. Our landlord will move in soon. They are tearing down her neighborhood in order to build something:)


The move went well on Saturday. We finished everything about 3 pm and it started to rain, so we all rested for the afternoon. Babies adjusted well, they love having more room to run around and play. 


Many thanks for volunteers taking babies over in their cars, for the Koreans coming and helping watch the kids, while our workers unpacked and for the two unscheduled young men who helped haul everything. I don't think they knew exactly what they were getting into when they arrived to a house turned upside down, and no babies.


I think Mr. Wang (our volunteer maintenance man) worked the most hooking up air conditioners and the washing machine. What an adventure!!! Glad it's over:)



October is Down's Syndrome Month. Our little QT still waits for a family. He has been on the special focus list for over 6 months. All our other Down's kids, who were listed, have families and we hope the same for him.


He is a sweetheart and we call him our "little Beaver" because he loves to chew on things...he is teething. Here he is at the park with one of our volunteers.


If you are interested in adopting QT you may have your agency lock his file from the special focus. Currently, he is not represented by any agency, but we do have permission to advocate for him. Hope he finds a family soon!!!



This is the first I've seen this feeding from behind. Seems to work pretty well with hop sticks and you can keep good control of the child at the same time. 



This little guy is definitely having a good time as he plays with a bubble squirt gun and a chop stick. 



I love this little guy squatting, so cute. Wish I could do it without falling over. I think he has a turnip. The Korean volunteers carved chinese or korean, not sure which characters for the kids to paint with....they all had a great time. 



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