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Thursday, we were told some volunteers wanted to take the older kids home with them for the Lantern Festival. We agreed. Then, on a whim, I decided to buy bunk beds to prepare for some au pairs coming from out of town for training. They will live and work with us until they go abroad.

I couldn't leave the preemie, so asked one worker to come to the office and care for him while I bought the beds. Just as I hung up the phone,  there was a knock at the door. It was Jeff and Ruth, a young engaged couple who often visit and bring goodies for the kids. 

Jeff is a great translator, so I didn't even let him take off his shoes. We got our coats and went to buy 3 sets of bunk beds. The girls did great packing up things and rearranging furniture, in order to prepare for the big change.

The older I get, the more I appreciate the strength of  youth. In the early days of Swallow's Nest, I would have done all of it myself, not anymore. I'm blessed with some great helpers.



Hannah, a teenager from Mustang Highschool in Oklahoma has a compassionate heart for orphans.

She takes it a step further than most. She talked with her friends in the National Honor Society and they collected many baby items for us. 
Hannah plans to visit Swallows Nest herself in the spring along with her parents.  We appreciate her kindness and look forward to meeting her in person.




Plane or train, this was the question as I pondered how to travel alone with this baby. The plan was to take her to Guangdong Province for the warmer environment and also to ease the burden on our over crowded baby homes. We chose plane since I had to return and give exams the next day. The trip was a success and this luggage cart was a welcomed site as I contemplated how to get the baby and all supplies to the awaiting bus.

Many thanks to everyone for your kindness during the Christmas holidays. Your gifts of money, food and especially your time do NOT go unnoticed. 



One of my favorite things is when a man comes to visit our babies and immediately asks if he can hold one. This shows a true heart for the orphans. Dave from Lifeline Adoption services in Birmingham, AL visited with a team this month. Even though we are NOT affiliated with any one adoption agency, we welcome all interested in working in Henan to come and get the scope of the need in our community. We welcome all visitors and the word must be getting out for its been non-stop, both local and abroad for the past six weeks.

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