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Gotcha Day Again  

We've had several adoptions lately. Here we go again!!!

Excerpt from mom's blog see below:


Wednesday night, way past my bed time, and I just can't fall asleep.  I was born a night owl, and it seems even 3 kids can't change that!  I decide that it would be a good idea to check the weather in both the cities our kiddos in China are at.  I might want to start thinking about packing, so to pack, I need to know the weather.

Finding that out leads me to wonder if I can find out about the "local" scene, you know the secret places everyone should visit, that no one knows about.  I decided to do random internet searches.  I'm just weird like that, typing in random words to see what pops up and what information I can find out about where my babies are from.

Somewhere among the zillion ...



News from Holland Family  

Little Chen Bin celebrated his birthday and is now 3 years
old! He is so happy and so cute! We made some family-foto's we really
wanted to sent you. He is a very active boy and really likes cars.
Al lday he wants to play, run and just want to make jokes. He is a good
eater and his favorite food is Italian :-) (his sister wants Chinese
food and he wants pizza or french fries). He is also very stubborn but
makes everyting go  away with a smile! 

He is also going to a Kindergarden, all the little girls really love
him! he is just a handsome 3 year old! 

greetings from 


Martijn, Karen

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