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New Beds!!!  


We have 6 au pairs in training. Most of them are from outside of Zhengzhou and can't afford housing. We really didn't have the funding for another house, so we bought these dorm bunk beds for 350 yuan each (we bought 3 sets) and put them in two different homes. Most of the au pairs sleep at our Big Kid House and work at the other homes during the morning or afternoon. Some of them attend English classes when they aren't working.
They expect to go stateside in approximately four months, then we will train some more. It appears whoever is sleeping on the top needs to make their bed. 


March 2011  

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Two Girls have Families  


Two of our older girls  know their parents are coming this Spring or Summer. I'm not sure who "the wait" is worse for.....the parents or the children. The younger child on the right, she thinks every male foreigner who visits is her daddy. She runs up and gives them a big hug. Then we get her family's photo and show her that her dad looks different. But, maybe to her all foreigners looks alike:)

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