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This little girl, her newly adopted brother and her best friend made 32 USD by going door to door in Holland. Here's a note from their dad. The little boy is formerly known as Bin Bin, who lived with us for over a year while he waited for his forever family.


Dear Swallowznest, Pam,

Our daughter, together with a friend had the sponteneus idea to go door to door to raise money for the Swalowsnest. They asked for donations and sometimes got candy which they tried to sell to others. We are so proud of her that she took the initiative to do this.

Quin is doing better and better. He got surgery to his extra thumb. It is now removed and we think it is already improving his hand coordination. He starting to speak dutch now with the occacional english and chinese words. Furthermore is is being a very happy and active 2 year old.




The little boy with gangrene had surgery in Shanghai and is out of ICU. Last report, he was doing much better than anyone expected. He lost 4/5 of his leg. Many thanks for all who have asked about him and for our Shanghai friends for visiting and helping with his care. 



I wonder "How Long" this child has been neglected. It would have been more merciful to abandon earlier; before he became so thin and his infection spread. He leaves tomorrow for Shanghai. We appreciated LWB helping us to find a good hospital and for letting us use their hospital account. BUT, we must reimburse LWB when the final bill arrives. 


I don't feel comfortable posting photos of his entire body, but we are hoping the doctors can save his foot, if not then at least his knee and most of the left leg.




The little twin is back from Beijing and although he misses his family, they will be visiting soon. He is very weak and bluish due to his heart issues. We hope he can become stronger and stronger before his next surgery. He's been through so much, and so has his family. Thanks to everyone who helped give him another chance at life. Many thanks to our worker, Nancy who went to Beijing and stayed with him for 12 days, day and night.  



Today, we delivered 3 small cakes for 3 birthdays. What fun!!! It sure helpswhen Clay can take us all on the 3 wheeler. We also delivered milk and diapers.


One of our au pairs, met us at the gate and took a photo and helped carry things up the 5 flights of stairs. 


Kay, one of our fellow teachers came over and helped us feed babies.


It's nice to have the help since we have so many babies.






This young man had a yard sale and contributed 250 USD to Swallow's Nest. He asks that we share with Ms. Zhu in PingDingShan. She runs a small foster home and when she's overcrowded, we take and care for some of her babies. We will transfer funds to Ms. Zhu today. 


Many thanks to Kyle and his family for their heart for the orphans of Henan. Kyle's contribution to Swallow's Nest will go towards the heart surgery fund for the 2 year girl in ZhuMaDian. We have almost 60,000 yuan of the 90,000 needed. 



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