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Recently Ms. Wang came to visit. She is the director of the Zhengzhou Au Pair facility (see au pair program for link). She came bearing gifts of diapers, baby formula and rice. These 3 staples are what we spend a lot of money on each month. 


Many thanks to her and for her friendship. Here she is pictured with our little guy who just returned from the hospital. His surgery was successful and even though he endured an asthma attack which delayed it by a week, he is doing much better. 


We appreciate all the help of our local community. It has been suggested that we build or buy one large facility on the outside of town where things are cheaper. But, I'm a firm believer that our babies need to be part of a community.


This way our friends and neighbors are involved in their day to day care. They also share in the rewards of watching our babies learn to walk, talk, and feed themselves. We all rejoice when our kids find a forever family and go for adoption, whether in town or across the sea. A family is the best. 







Monday night we had our seasonal volunteer meeting. Many thanks to the Henan Experimental High School for allowing us to use their Learning Resource Center room. We appreciate so much Harmony (pink sweater middle, sitting) for volunteering to coordinate the scheduling. We had medical students, a doctor, an author/teacher, many English teachers and our faithful Mr. Wang, who volunteers maintenance. 


We look forward to a productive year working together with these in-country volunteers.



The most monumental task at hand is including all the student volunteers, and there are many who want to come but  have only weekends free.


Brittany and Melanie, who are teachers for the high school student volunteers work closely with Harmony to make it all happen.


All of it combined gives our kids some good one on one with the community and makes the community aware of their situation.


Many thanks also to Andrew, Kelly, and Diane, past teachers at the high school who started this program in 2008. We miss you!!!



I just happen to visit during meal time and found all the kids hovering over a worker trying to feed one baby. "Where's the table?", I asked. "I know nothing!", was the response. I looked all over the house for our little fold up table, we usually bring out for meals and couldn't find it anywhere. Then I noticed the table for the cooking stove was larger. It appears, the legs of the kid's table had broken. The ladies took them off and used the table top for a counter top.


Why didn't someone tell me the table was broken? Who knows!!!! So we went immediately and bought a new one.


Why this story in general......because today I discovered quite by accident that one of our little guys has a family. I know his mom will probably read this post and I want her to see her son in the orange shirt. Yea!!!! We are thrilled beyond measure. Soon I can go to the orphanage and get another one.


Our latest information from the orphanage in our city is......they have a census of over 600 and want us to open another home. Problem is...I'm having trouble staffing the 4 we already have. Pray for dedicated staff and more au pairs. 




I love it when our workers come to the office and bring one of the babies.


On this day ZYH came for a visit. She loved sitting in  my chair and she also enjoyed her stroller ride.


This stroller was given to me for Xiao Qing by the Seifers. They are great supporters of Swallow's Nest and also live and work in China. Great to know after 11 years, its still carrying around some precious cargo.


Cai Yun is one of our au pairs. She's very hardworking and loves the babies!!



Our little twin, who had heart surgery last February, was in the hospital again in July, while we were stateside. He recovered and his mom came and stayed with him at our baby house for 10 days. We are now so grateful for those 10 days because Sunday morning very early about 5:30 am he passed away in his sleep. 


This little twin, had an older twin brother. Many of you helped with his surgery, as well as "RoundAbout" stores in Beijing. The doctors  informed us it was very serious and chances of his survival were slim. But, we hear that so often and chose to do our best as we always do for our babies.


Please remember his parents and hometown of Shang Qiu as they grieve. This little twin changed our lives and he was blessed to have so many people who loved him. This is my favorite photo of him. Now he is safe in His arms. 

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