Swallows Children  

All of the children at Swallows Nest have special medical needs. Some have had or will require surgery but they all need a loving home and family to care for them forever. All of the children at Swallows Nest are like any other child, they want and need love, hope and a family.


Zhao Jia Huan

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December 27, 2008 - December 27, 2009


This little girl was our first baby to pass away in the hospital. We were so sadden that we were not allowed to be with her. She passed away on her birthday and at Christmas. It was a difficult time for all of us. She'd had surgery in March of 2009 in Shanghai at the Children's Medical Center. She had multiple special needs including Turner's Syndrome and cleft palate, plus a form of spina bifida. She had the sweetest smile. She is truly missed. 


Swallows Nest Foster Care Homes for Orphans
in Henan Province, China 

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