Swallows Children  

All of the children at Swallows Nest have special medical needs. Some have had or will require surgery but they all need a loving home and family to care for them forever. All of the children at Swallows Nest are like any other child, they want and need love, hope and a family.


Zheng Yin Sheng

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June 28, 2010 - September 13, 2010

This little guy was one of our first preemies. We took him immediately to the hospital and the doctor stated he was strong, but several days later he got pneumonia. He passed away on my birthday, which put me in a mood of ponder. As I celebrated my life, I was encouraged to try to be more diligent for the children of Henan, so that in the future more babies would have a better chance than Yin Sheng. His name means life.


Swallows Nest Foster Care Homes for Orphans
in Henan Province, China 

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