Success Stories

Over the past years, we have been blessed with some wonderful experiences and successful adoptions. We are pleased to share some of the highlights below. 

Our firm hope is that there will be many more in the months and years to come.

Sophie WuMei

We adopted Sophie WuMei in February of 2008. She was waiting for us in the Zhengzhou SWI.


In October of 2007, after much pleading from Zheng Nan, Pam went to get our Sophie to live with them until we came for her.


Those few months for Pam turned out to be quite challenging as Sophie,profoundly deaf, had a strong mind, stronger spirit, no language or communication, and an excess of attitude!

Sophie gave Pam and Clay a run for their money, but for this little girl it was the first home she knew since being abandoned at the age of 2.

We sent Pam pictures with signs and sign language DVDs which all of the kids enjoyed, but Sophie most of all. Soon, she was teaching the kids at Swallows Nest signs, and when we arrived she already knew many signs for familiar words.


Without Pam and Clay, Sophie would not have had as easy a transition to a new life in our family. We will forever be grateful to all of those who make Swallows Nest possible for the many children who are blessed to call it home.

Gong Fang

Gong Fang was found in January 2010 in Gongyi City.  The little girl began a journey she could not begin to understand. 
While she was being entered in the orphanage, her forever family sat waiting and wondering where their angel was.  Gong Fang was placed into the care of Swallow's Nest. 
She got top notch care and love from her Nannies and the Swallow's Nest crew. In September, her family got word that their little angel had been found. The red thread was tugging. We knew we were all meant for each other. 
Gong Fang's birthday was a day after my late Father's birthday! We traveled to meet this precious gift about 8 weeks after that first phone call.  She was perfect.

Her sister (Amaya 6) could barely control herself. We returned home on Lily's first birthday! We haven't looked back and keep thanking God for the road he led us down.
To my amazement, it is like Lily has been with us since birth.  She just fit with us and us with her.  She loves her family and we love her.  Swallow's Nest was crucial in making our success.  She was loved and cared for during her time at Swallow's Nest.

This made a difference in our adjustment once home. We look forward to many, many decades of love and blessings with our complete family!



The Tanzillo family has adopted two of Swallow's Nest Children, but they have 3 from Henan Province, who joined their family of 3 previously adopted children from other provinces.


Lee was crucial in starting our non-profit status in Ohio and forming our board of directors and advisors.


We appreciate everything she has done to make sure all the children in Henan have more oppportunity to be united in a family.


She currently volunteers her time and resources to help with special funding for surgeries. She is President of Swallow's Nest Children's Home, USA.

Dr. Liu


Dr. Liu first visited Swallow's Nest becasue one of her friends from  her hometown works for us. Dr. Liu fell in love with Little Yu Meng.


She had a good relationship with the orphanage and was able to adopt Yu Meng.


We were very moved by their compassion and hope other chinese families will have the desire to follow in their footsteps.








"Mother Land"

This success story is a bit different. As of April 1, 2011 our local hospital (located across the street from our office home) has a special contract with the Chinese government to assist in the care of the many orphans at the Zhengzhou Orphanage. We had to admit one  little boy with heart issues, when he developed pneumonia.


I visited him last night, and to my surprise he was in a ward with about 30 other babies, all from the Zhengzhou Orphanage. All getting the treatment they need, all getting better, and hopefully all on their way to their forever families within the next year.


The staff is provided by the hospital, which is a great plus. The reason we are so thrilled is the difference this makes in our own budget and also our own staffing.


In the past, when we admitted a baby, we had to provide round the clock staffing to care for one child. This is quite expensive, plus puts a strain on our ladies, because everyone must work extra hours.


Maybe other provinces have already had this service in the past, but its new to us and we are encouraged as we see a developing nation, take responsibility. My on site translator was with me and was translating, explaining, encouraging the staff and she was so proud of her "Mother Land" and we are too!!

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